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Two Cups of Tea


Milk & Sugar

How do you take yours? A splash of milk? Two sugars? A spoonful of honey? Maybe all of the above?

I take mine with honey.
Cole prefers milk and sugar.

It doesn’t really matter. It’s all made from the same kettle. When the cups are poured and the honey is stirred we sit and enjoy our cups together. That’s how we’ve always done life.


Sometimes you drink black coffee out of that old mug you’ve had forever with the stains that just won’t come out. You know the one. Sometimes you treat yourself to an iced coffee with cold foam and cookie crumbles on top. We all fill our cups differently. We’re here to share bits of what we’re putting into ours.

Bits of what’s draining them, too.

This is a safe space in the world. A corner we have craved carving out for a long time to allow ourselves to be unapologetically messy. To find our voices again. To let our minds be creative and unwind. We want to gush about what fills our cups and vent about what drains them. Along the way we hope you start to feel like you aren’t always drinking yours
alone, too.

So, put your feet up. Pour yourself a cup. Pay attention to what you’re using to fill your cup this week. Cole and I are excited for this journey. This is Two Cups of Tea.

What’s in your cup today?


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