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My husband and I have this running joke that you never know which version of me you're going to get. I like to think there is truth to that. I have an adaptive personality and find so much enjoyment showing up with a different face everyday. 


The things you will always find true to me, though, are as follows: 


I'm a college graduate with a Political Science degree. My senior year I was taking courses to prepare for the LSATs, but after graduation I had my son and ultimately decided the stay at home mom gig was more my cup of tea. It's filled me in so many ways that I almost cannot believe how much I love it. It's hard to picture myself ever doing anything but. 


I am married to my high school sweetheart, Cole, and together we have our son, Slade. He is the funniest, sweetest, biggest Scooby Doo loving two year old there ever was. No one rides or dies for Scooby Doo like Slade. We have a German Shepherd, Sam, who more often goes by “SAMUEL” because she is constantly being a three year old puppy.  We also have two cats, Jo and Lucky, that our family and friends are convinced do not exist. They only stop sleeping to eat food and beat the crap out of each other at 2 AM. We run a self proclaimed halfway house for all in-need animals. We try our best to rescue, foster, and then place for adoption. I have had my own version of success at it which makes me so happy. My bleeding heart cannot turn animals away and my husband's bleeding heart hasn't figured out how to tell me no just yet. This has come to mean we basically own every fur-grade vacuum in existence.

For as long as I can remember I have loved to write. It has always served as the easiest way for me to reach people how I wanted to reach them. I never could figure out poetry. I love to paint but it never allowed me to communicate through it. Anything that requires me to be patient, like pottery, was never an option. Writing was always my niche. Over the years I have written for research, written for entertainment, written for grades, written to brief information, but have not written for me in a long time. Writing for me has always been the thing that grounds me and opens my heart to the world. Without it I have a tendency to close off and mute myself and become a lesser version of who I truly am. 


This blog is me finding those pieces of myself again. The pieces we sometimes let become overgrown with weeds when we get caught up in parenting, marriage, working, budgeting, errand running, or just life in general. 


Let’s start pulling the weeds to make room for ourselves to grow again. 

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