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Hi, it's me again.


I’m back. It’s me. Ten months post-surgery. Almost a year post-baby.

I can’t for the life of me remember my laptop password after having brain surgery, so my husband is letting me use his. It’s wild to me how time passes. Sometimes it feels so slow like I can sit and watch closely everything that’s happening around me. Then you look back and it’s like…what? How did we get here? Time is moving so quickly. That’s how it’s been since having surgery. I feel like time has slowed down for sure. So much so that it feels like the surgery was another lifetime ago. Then I think about how much time has passed and it feels like there’s no way that was just ten months ago. Crazy.

I have so much to say. A lot of feelings. A lot of stories. A lot of good things I want to tell you all about.

But honestly, writing is one of those things for me that has gotten harder post-surgery, and I didn’t even realize until I picked up the computer to do it. My fingers don’t type fast. My thoughts are harder to organize. I know it’ll come back and become the thing for me again that allows me to process, but for right now this is it. I wanted to say hi. I’m doing well. My amazing family is doing well. Collins is always smiling, and Slade is in his first year of soccer. Cole has seen me give birth twice and recover from two brain surgeries so he’s just the husband of all the years.

I’m happy to be back. It feels good to write again even if I didn’t write anything good yet.





It’s good to see you are writing again. And it is good. Very good ❤️

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